Firework MegaStore


Carton Quantity
approx 48secs , 37 Shots


Selection Box Dimensions/case
335mm x 255mm x 225mm

Safety Distance
25 Metres

Units Per Carton



Fiesta is from the Black Cat Party range of fireworks. Rather than the ‘Thundering and booming’ type of firework that many manufacturers seem to take delight in producing Black Cat have produced a range of ‘party fireworks’ where the emphasis is colourful effects rather than loud noise with little display. That is not to say that Fiesta is quiet, far from it, but the noise that it produces is for the benefit of a colourful burst rather than just loud bangs.

Fiesta is a 37 shot fan effect single ignition firework with a duration of 48 seconds. Fan effect fireworks don’t tend to last as long as vertical effect fireworks purely for the reason that they will be firing the effects several at a time to create the fan effect in the sky, however, they can look more spectacular as the display will cover more of the sky.

Fiesta commences with a sequence of titanium chrysanthemum mines which are separated with a mix of brocades, silver and purple palms, red umbrella effects and white glitter. This all leads to an impressive red, blue chrysanthemum and crackle finale