Firework MegaStore


Carton Quantity
approx 40secs , 64 Shots – New Arrival


Selection Box Dimensions/case
304mm x 240mm x 175mm

Safety Distance
25 Metres

Units Per Carton



Firewall is a new 64 shot single ignition firework from Black Cat Fireworks. Firewall is one of a series of large fireworks that Black Cat has produced that introduce new firing patterns into the single ignition style firework. Firewall fires its shots vertically, to the left, to the right, in a roaming fan shape (zigzagging left to right) and in an arc across the sky. Firewall has some nice and varied effects with delayed crackle bursts and crackling silver comets.

Firewall has a duration of around 40 seconds so is quite an intense display and has a minimum viewing distance of 25m.